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Weekly Bus Trips – Sign up at the front desk to reserve your space and time.

Mondays & Thursdays – Healthcare
Tuesdays, 9:15 a.m. – Bank & Walgreens
Tuesdays, 10:15 a.m. – Walmart
Tuesdays, 2:30 p.m. – Publix
Tuesdays, 3:30 p.m. – Library

Daily Activities for October

Events listed REC = Recurring at the same day and time every week.
Sign up for outings in advance at front desk; limited space available.

SundayREC10:00 a.m.Gaither Gospel Music VideoGround FloorSpiritual
SundayREC1:00 p.m. Double Pinochle Card GameCard RoomGames
SundayREC3:00 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
SundayREC6:30 p.m.RummyCard RoomGames
MondayREC9:30-11:30 a.m.Personal Training w/ CalebWellness CenterHealth
MondayREC10:00 a.m.Bible Study w/ June RevellPrivate Dining RoomSpiritual
MondayREC1:00 p.m. Movement & StretchThird FloorHealth
MondayREC6:30 p.m.DominoesCard RoomGames
TuesdayREC6:30 p.m.ScrabbleCard RoomGames
WednesdayREC9:30 a.m.Boat CruiseDockOutdoors
WednesdayREC3:45 p.m.Sign Language ClassFirst Floor Sitting RoomCreative
WednesdayREC6:30 p.m.Hand & Foot Card GameCard RoomGames
Thursday REC (not on 10/4)9:30-11:30 a.m.Personal Training w/ CalebWellness CenterHealth
ThursdayREC9:30 a.m.Catholic CommunionPrivate Dining RoomSpiritual
FridayREC9:30 a.m.B.P. & Oxygen w/ GreystoneThird FloorHealth
FridayREC1:45 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
FridayREC3:00 p.m.Community BingoDining RoomGames
SaturdayREC9:30 a.m.Water AerobicsPoolHealth
SaturdayREC10:00 a.m.DominoesLobbyGames
SaturdayREC2:00 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
Saturday REC6:30 p.m.Euchre Card GameCard RoomGames
Monday0110:45 a.m.UnoThird FloorGames
Monday012:15 p.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Monday013:00 p.m.Lima Bean Auction w/ GreystoneCard RoomGames
Tuesday021:30 p.m.JengaThird FloorGames
Tuesday023:45 p.m.RummikubCard RoomGames
Wednesday0310:45 a.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Wednesday031:45 p.m.Movie Theater Trip: "Little Women"Main EntranceOuting
Wednesday031:45 p.m.Name That TuneThird FloorGames
Wednesday033:00 p.m.Kings in the CornerThird FloorGames
Thursday0410:00 a.m.TriviaThird FloorGames
Thursday0410:30 a.m.Crafting Grand Cards w/ Cecile of Comfort KeepersThird FloorCreative
Thursday041:30 p.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Thursday043:30 p.m.Drink of the WeekLobbyLifestyle
Thursday043:30 p.m.Entertainment by SherrieLobbyEntertainment
Thursday047:00 p.m.Movie: Jolson Signs AgainTheaterEntertainment
Friday059:30-11:30 a.m.Personal Training w/ CalebWellness CenterHealth
Friday0510:00 a.m.Volunteer at Fla. Baptist Children's Home, Lunch at Steak & ShakeMain EntranceOuting
Friday0510:30 a.m.Puzzle TimeThird FloorGames
Friday056:30 p.m.UnoCard RoomGames
Saturday069:45 a.m.Virtual Flight to Honor at St. Paul's Lutheran ChurchMain EntranceOuting
Sunday072:00 p.m.All About QuiltingThird FloorLifestyle
Monday089:00 a.m.Podiatrist VisitBy AppointmentHealth
Monday0810:45 a.m.UnoThird FloorGames
Monday082:15 p.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Monday083:00 p.m.Karaoke JackLobbyEntertainment
Tuesday0910:30 a.m.CardoThird FloorGames
Tuesday091:30 p.m.Beachball VolleyballThird FloorGames
Tuesday093:45 p.m.Activities Planning MeetingCard RoomLifestyle
Wednesday1010:45 a.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Wednesday1011:00 a.m.Lunch at Catfish CountryMain EntranceOuting
Wednesday101:45 p.m.Name That TuneThird FloorGames
Wednesday102:30 p.m.Coffee with ReneeDining RoomLifestyle
Wednesday102:45 p.m.Menu Chat with Chef PaulDining RoomLifestyle
Thursday1110:45 a.m.Corn HoleThird FloorGames
Thursday111:30 p.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Thursday113:00 p.m.New Resident SocialLobbyLifestyle
Thursday113:30 p.m.Entertainment by LarryLobbyEntertainment
Thursday117:00 p.m.Movie: Coal Miner's DaughterTheaterEntertainment
Friday1210:00 a.m.Hard Rock Casino and LunchMain EntranceOuting
Friday1210:30 a.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorCreative
Friday125:30 p.m.Lakeland Community Theatre: "The Secret Garden"Main EntranceOuting
Friday126:30 p.m.RookCard RoomGames
Saturday132:00 p.m.Paparazzi Jewelry w/ DwanLobbyLifestyle
Sunday142:00 p.m.Church Service w/ Jim & EstherThird FloorSpiritual
Monday1510:30 a.m.Crafts w/ Toni of Quality of LifeThird FloorCreative
Monday152:30 p.m.National I Love Lucy Day FunGround FloorEntertainment
Tuesday1610:30 a.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorCreative
Tuesday161:30 p.m.JengaThird FloorEntertainment
Tuesday163:45 p.m.Veterans Informational Presenation w/ Gueline FelixGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday1711:00 a.m.Lunch at Red LobsterMain EntranceOuting
Wednesday171:45 p.m.Name That TuneThird FloorGames
Wednesday172:30 p.m.Veterans Council MeetingPrivate Dining RoomLifestyle
Wednesday173:45 p.m.Corn HoleThird FloorGames
Thursday1810:45 a.m.TriviaThird FloorGames
Thursday181:30 p.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Thursday183:30 p.m.Drink of the WeekLobbyLifestyle
Thursday183:30 p.m.Entertainment by Eddy DeanLobbyEntertainment
Thursday187:00 p.m.Movie: NoahTheaterEntertainment
Friday1910:00 a.m.Volunteer at Fla. Baptist Children's Home, Lunch at IHOPMain EntranceOuting
Friday1910:30 a.m.Puzzle TimeThird FloorGames
Friday196:30 p.m.UnoCard RoomGames
Saturday208:00 a.m.Walk to End Alzheimer'sMain EntranceOuting
Sunday212:00 p.m.All About QuiltingThird FloorLifestyle
Monday2210:45 a.m.Hymns & Songs w/ JohnnieThird FloorSpiritual
Monday222:15 p.m.Crafty Cards w/ LizThird FloorCreative
Monday223:00 p.m.Karaoke JackLobbyEntertainment
Tuesday2310:30 a.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Tuesday231:30 p.m.Beach Ball VolleyballThird FloorGames
Tuesday233:30 p.m.Pool BasketballPoolGames
Tuesday236:30 p.m.Florida Philharmonia OrchestraMain EntranceOuting
Wednesday2410:45 a.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Wednesday2411:00 a.m.Lunch at The Rib HouseMain EntranceOuting
Wednesday242:00 p.m.TriviaThird FloorGames
Wednesday242:15 p.m.Caregivers Support GroupTBALifestyle
Wednesday243:30 p.m.Kings in the CornerCard RoomGames
Thursday2510:00 a.m.Worship Hour w/ Pastor DavidLobbySpiritual
Thursday251:45 p.m.TriviaThird FloorGames
Thursday253:00 p.m.October Birthday PartyLobbyLifestyle
Thursday253:30 p.m.Entertainment by ChristiLobbyEntertainment
Thursday257:00 p.m.Movie: No ReservationsTheaterEntertainment
Friday2610:30 a.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorCreative
Friday2610:30 a.m.Making Chili and Corn BreadSocial KitchenLifestyle
Friday266:30 p.m.RookCard RoomGames
Saturday273:45 p.m.Music w/ EvaLobbyEntertainment
Sunday282:00 p.m.Church Service w/ Jim & EstherThird FloorSpiritual
Monday2910:45 a.m.UnoThird FloorGames
Monday292:00 p.m.Town Hall w/ State Rep. Josie TomkowDining RoomLifestyle
Monday293:30 p.m.ScrabbleCard RoomGames
Tuesday3010:30 a.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorCreative
Tuesday301:30 p.m.JengaThird FloorGames
Tuesday303:45 p.m.Travel Club: ScotlandGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday3110:30 a.m.UnoThird FloorGames
Wednesday311:45 p.m.Halloween Bean Auction & Costume PartySocial KitchenGames
Wednesday313:00 p.m.Pet Therapy w/ SPCALobbyLifestyle

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

“I don’t have to cook, clean or wash my clothes. That’s the best!”

Margaret N

“The people are friendly; I love them all!”

Margaret B

“I’m just overjoyed to be here.”

Matt G

“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

Lillie B