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Lake Gibson Village Receives Beautification Award from the City of Lakeland

March 31, 2017 | Laura Tenpenny

Lake Gibson Receives Beautification Award from the City of Lakeland

At the City Commission meeting, held at City Hall on March 6, 2017, Lake Gibson Village’s CEO, Renee Tucker, proudly accepted the Commercial Beautification Award, presented by the Beautification Board of the City of Lakeland.  The award was given in recognition of the extensive renovations of the former Carpenters Home, now Lake Gibson Village, which added to the improvement and enhancement of the beauty of Lakeland. 

The historic Carpenters Home, a breathtaking 125,000 square-foot Mediterranean-style structure, was first dedicated in 1928 and was, at one time, the residence to 370 retired craftspersons and professional artisans who were members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Union. For more about the history of the Carpenter Home, visit our website at https://lakegibson1.wpengine.com/history/carpenters-home/. 

Today, set within this beautiful and historic landmark, is Lake Gibson Village Senior Living Community.  We offer a unique independent senior living experience, like no other. Our staff of trained professionals provide services that allow our residents to remain focused on what matters most to them: nurturing purposeful friendships, focusing on exceptional quality of life and immersing themselves in cherished pastimes.  We make living easier and more pleasurable in every respect. 

For additional information on the independent lifestyle for seniors that we offer, or to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call me at 863-815-6105 or contact me by email at laura@lakegibsonvillage.com.

Kind regards, 

Laura Tenpenny, Marketing Director

Lake Gibson Village

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