Weekly Bus Trips – Sign up at the front desk to reserve your space and time.

** Due to COVID-19 precautions, the capacity on bus trips is limited. **

Daily Activities for January

Events listed REC = Recurring at the same day and time every week.
* = Sign up for outings in advance at reception desk; limited space available.

Large events will be held outdoors by the pool to make for a safer environment due to COVID-19 concerns.

Mon.-Fri.REC9:45 a.m.This Day in HistoryThird FloorLifestyle
MondayREC1:30Water Aerobics w/ CalebPoolFitness
MondayREC2:00 p.m.Bingo w/ RuthLobbyGames
TuesdayREC10:00 a.m.Morning DevotionalThird FloorSpiritual
Tue. & Thu.REC10:30 a.m.Movement & Stretch w/ Jade of SalusThird FloorFitness
TuesdayREC1:00 p.m.Wii BowlingSecond FloorGames
TuesdayREC1:30 p.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorLifestyle
TuesdayREC3:45 p.m.Wii GamesSecond FloorGames
WednesdayREC10:00 a.m.Catholic Prayer and CommunionPoolsideSpiritual
WednesdayREC2:15 p.m.Bingo w/ RitaLobbyGames
ThursdayREC10:00 a.m.Chicken Soup for the Soul ReadingThird FloorLifestyle
ThursdayREC2:00 p.m.Chair Flexibility Class w/ CalebPoolsideFitness
ThursdayREC3:00 p.m.Corn HoleLobbyGames
FridayREC10:30 a.m.Strength & Cardio Class w/ CalebPoolsideFitness
FridayREC1:00 p.m.Wii GamesSecond FloorGames
FridayREC2:15 p.m.Bingo w/ JohnLobbyGames
FridayREC3:15 p.m.TriviaThird FloorGames
SaturdayREC10:00 a.m.Catholic MassThird FloorSpiritual
SaturdayREC10:30 a.m.PuzzlingGame RoomGames
SaturdayREC1:00 p.m.Wii GamesSecond FloorGames
SaturdayREC2:45 p.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnLobbyGames
SaturdayREC6:15 p.m.Wii BowlingSecond FloorGames
SundayREC10:15 a.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnLobbyGames
SundayREC10:30 a.m. Puzzling TogetherGame RoomGames
SundayREC1:00 p.m.Wii GolfSecond FloorGames
SundayREC1:45 p.m.Sunday Bethel Worship ServiceThird FloorSpiritual
Saturday92:00 p.m.Movie Matinee & Snacks: "South Pacific"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday102:45 p.m.Matinee Movie: "The Lost and Found Family"Third FloorEntertainment
Monday1110:00 a.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Monday1110:00 a.m.Ship, Crew & Captain GameLobbyGames
Monday11Noon-2 p.m.Paparazzi Jewelry ShowFront VerandaShopping
Monday111:30 p.m.Hymn Sing-AlongThird FloorSpiritual
Monday112:45 p.m.Memory MatchThird FloorGames
Monday113:15 p.m.TriviaLobbyGames
Tuesday128:30 & 10:15 a.m.Publix TripLobby*Shopping
Tuesday1210:30 a.m.Buzz WordsLobbyGames
Tuesday122:30 p.m.Social Hour, Refreshments & Entertainment w/ RalphPoolsideEntertainment
Wednesday1310:00 a.m.Who or What Am I?LobbyGames
Wednesday1310:00 a.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Wednesday131:30 p.m.Get CraftyThird FloorLifestyle
Wednesday133:30 p.m.Play CardoThird FloorGames
Thursday1410:15 a.m.Round the Clock GameLobbyGames
Thursday141:30 p.m.Find a WordThird FloorGames
Thursday142:00 p.m.Popcorn & Movie Matinee: "The Pacifier"Third FloorEntertainment
Friday1510:00 a.m.Corn HoleLobbyGames
Friday1510:15 a.m.Balloon WarsThird FloorGames
Friday151:30 p.m.Celebrating Nat'l Strawberry Ice Cream DayLobbyLifestyle
Saturday162:00 p.m.Movie Matinee & Snacks: "Eat, Pray, Love"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday172:45 p.m."Heaven's Door"Third FloorEntertainment
Monday1810:00 a.m.Memory Concentration GameThird FloorGames
Monday1810:15 a.m.Bible Study w/ Dr. RevellPoolsideSpiritual
Monday1810:30 a.m.Reminiscing and CoffeeThird FloorLifestyle
Monday181:30 p.m.Brain TeasersThird FloorGames
Monday182:45 p.m.Humor TimeThird FloorEntertainment
Monday183:15 p.m.Martin Luther King Jr. TriviaLobbyLifestyle
Tuesday199:45 a.m.Walgreens TripLobby*Shopping
Tuesday1910:15 a.m.Corn HoleLobbyGames
Tuesday191:00 p.m.PublixLobby*Shopping
Tuesday192:30 p.m.Social Hour, Refreshments & Entertainment w/ CristiPoolsideEntertainment
Wednesday2010:00 a.m.Nat'l Cheese Day: Trivia & TastingLobbyLifestyle
Wednesday2010:30 a.m.Caregivers Support GroupThird FloorLifestyle
Wednesday201:30 p.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Wednesday202:45 p.m.Corn HoleThird FloorGames
Thursday2110:00 a.m.Cranium CrunchesLobbyGames
Thursday211:00 p.m.Wii GolfSecond FloorGames
Thursday211:30 p.m.Sing-Along w/ Susie Q.Third FloorEntertainment
Thursday212:00 p.m.Popcorn & Movie Matinee: "The Second Best Marigold Hotel"Third FloorEntertainment
Friday2210:00 a.m.Find a WordLobbyGames
Friday2210:30 a.m.Corn HoleLobbyThird Floor
Friday221:30 p.m.Dart GameThird FloorGames
Saturday232:00 p.m.Movie Matinee & Snacks: "Joyful Noise"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday242:45 p.m.Movie Matinee: "A Walton Wedding"Third FloorEntertainment
Monday2510:15 a.m.History of the Carpenters Home (now LGV)Third FloorLifestyle
Monday251:30 p.m.ArtworkThird FloorLifestyle
Monday253:00 p.m.Dining Meeting w/ Chef MichaelLobbyLifestyle
Monday253:30 p.m.Activity Planning Meeting & Resident CouncilLobbyLifestyle
Tuesday268:30 & 10:15 a.m.PublixLobby*Shopping
Tuesday2610:15 a.m.Corn HoleLobbyGames
Tuesday261:00 p.m.Scenic Bus RideLobby*Lifestyle
Tuesday262:30 p.m.Social Hour, Birthday Party, & Entertainment w/ Andrew & TerryPoolsideEntertainment
Wednesday2710:00 a.m.Who or What Am I?LobbyGames
Wednesday2710:30 a.m.Name That TuneThird FloorGames
Wednesday2710:30 a.m.Caregivers Support GroupSecond FloorLifestyle
Wednesday271:30 p.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Wednesday272:45 p.m.Play CardoThird FloorGames
Thursday2810:15 a.m.Round the Clock GameLobbyGames
Thursday281:30 p.m.Brain TeasersThird FloorGames
Thursday282:00 p.m.Popcorn & Movie Matinee: "The Greatest Showman"Third FloorEntertainment
Friday2910:15 a.m.Corn HoleThird FloorGames
Friday291:30 p.m.Playing CardoThird FloorGames
Saturday302:15 p.m.Movie Matinee & Snacks: "Raising Helen"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday312:45 p.m.Movie Matinee: "With 6 You Get Eggroll"Third FloorEntertainment

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

“I don’t have to cook, clean or wash my clothes. That’s the best!”

Margaret N

“The people are friendly; I love them all!”

Margaret B

“I’m just overjoyed to be here.”

Matt G

“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

Lillie B