Weekly Bus Trips – Sign up at the front desk to reserve your space and time.

** Due to COVID-19 precautions, bus trips are only being limited to life-sustaining medical appointments until further notice. **

Daily Activities for April

Events listed REC = Recurring at the same day and time every week.
Sign up for outings in advance at front desk; limited space available.

Wednesday110:30 a.m.Who's Who BiosGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday110:30 a.m.Bingo w/ RitaDining RoomGames
Wednesday13:00 p.m.Positivity CraftingGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday16:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Thursday29:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Thursday210:30 a.m.Coffee w/ ReneeDining RoomGames
Thursday21:30 p.m.Word ChallengeGround FloorGames
Thursday22:45 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Friday39:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Friday310:30 a.m.Bingo w/ PaulDining RoomGames
Friday32:00 p.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnThird FloorGames
Friday36:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Saturday410:30 a.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Saturday41:30 p.m.Movie: "The Help"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday43:30 p.m.Creative ColoringGround FloorLifestyle
Sunday59:00 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Sunday510:00 a.m.Bethel Church Service Live StreamGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday51:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Sunday52:15 p.m.Movie: "Demetrius and the Gladiators"Ground FloorEntertainment
Monday69:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Monday610:30 a.m.Activities Planning MeetingThird FloorLifestyle
Monday61:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RuthDining RoomGames
Monday63:00 p.m.Word ScramblesGround Floor SouthGames
Monday66:30 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Tuesday79:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Tuesday710:15 a.m.Bean Bag BaseballGround FloorGames
Tuesday710:45 a.m.Trivia FunGround FloorGames
Tuesday72:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Tuesday73:00 p.m.ScattergoriesGround FloorGames
Wednesday810:30 a.m.Visually & Hearing Impaired GroupGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday81:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RitaDining RoomGames
Wednesday83:00 p.m.Movie: "The Passover"Ground FloorEntertainment
Wednesday86:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Thursday99:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Thursday910:30 a.m.Easter Hymn SingGround FloorSpiritual
Thursday91:45 p.m.Storytelling & Memoir Writing w/ Anne MarieGround FloorLifestyle
Thursday93:30 p.m.Spring Edible CraftsGround FloorLifestyle
Friday109:30 a.m.Stations of the CrossGround FloorSpiritual
Friday1010:45 a.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnThird FloorGames
Friday101:30 p.m.Easter Bingo w/ PaulDining RoomGames
Friday103:00 p.m.Gaither Gospel Music Video "Amazing Grace"Ground FloorSpiritual
Friday106:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Saturday1110:30 a.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Saturday111:30 p.m.Movie: "Failure to Launch"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday113:30 p.m.Creative ColoringGround FloorLifestyle
Sunday129:00 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Sunday129:00 a.m.Catholic ServiceGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday1210:00 a.m.Bethel Church Service Streaming LiveGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday121:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Sunday122:15 p.m.Movie: "The Robe"Ground FloorEntertainment
Monday139:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Monday1310:30 a.m.Jelly Belly Taste & TellGround FloorEntertainment
Monday131:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RuthDining RoomGames
Monday133:00 p.m.Tic Tac Toe ChallengeGround FloorGames
Monday136:30 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Tuesday149:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Tuesday1410:45 a.m.Mini-GolfGround FloorGames
Tuesday142:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Tuesday143:00 p.m.Target TossGround FloorGames
Wednesday1510:30 a.m.Spring CraftsGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday151:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RitaDining RoomGames
Wednesday153:00 p.m.Birthday PartyLobbyLifestyle
Wednesday156:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Thursday169:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Thursday1610:30 a.m.Bean AuctionGround FloorLifestyle
Thursday161:45 p.m.Word ChallengeGround FloorGames
Thursday162:45 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Friday1710:30 a.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnGround FloorGames
Friday171:30 p.m.Bingo w/ PaulDining RoomGames
Friday172:45 p.m.Dean Martin Roast VideoGround FloorEntertainment
Friday176:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Saturday1810:30 a.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Saturday181:30 p.m.Movie: "Apollo 13"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday183:30 p.m.Creative ColoringGround FloorLifestyle
Sunday199:00 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Sunday1910:00 a.m.Bethel Church Service Streaming LiveGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday191:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Sunday192:15 p.m.Movie: "In Harm's Way"Ground FloorEntertainment
Monday209:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Monday2010:30 a.m.Trivia FunThird FloorGames
Monday2010:30 a.m.Podiatrist VisitsBy AppointmentHealth
Monday201:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RuthDining RoomGames
Monday202:45 p.m.Veterans CouncilGround FloorLifestyle
Monday206:30 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Tuesday219:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Tuesday2110:15 a.m.Bean Bag BaseballGround FloorGames
Tuesday212:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Tuesday213:00 p.m.ScattergoriesGround FloorGames
Wednesday2210:15 a.m.Who's Who BiosThird FloorLifestyle
Wednesday2210:30 a.m.Caregivers Support GroupGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday221:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RitaDining RoomGames
Wednesday226:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Thursday239:30 a.m.Pool TimePool Health
Thursday2310:30 a.m.Mini GolfGround FloorGames
Thursday231:30 p.m.Word ChallengeGround FloorGames
Thursday232:45 p.m.Craft TimeGround FloorLifestyle
Friday2410:30 a.m.Corn Hole w/ JohnGround FloorGames
Friday241:30 p.m.Bingo w/ PaulDining RoomGames
Friday243:00 p.m.Oldies Sing-a-LongGround FloorEntertainment
Friday246:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Saturday2510:30 a.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Saturday251:30 p.m.Movie: "Escape to Grizzly Mountain"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday253:30 p.m.Creative ColoringGround FloorLifestyle
Sunday269:00 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Sunday2610:00 a.m.Bethel Church Service Streaming LiveGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday261:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Sunday262:15 p.m.Movie: "Daddy Daycare"Ground FloorEntertainment
Monday279:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Monday2710:30 a.m.All About Genealogy w/ JoeGround FloorLifestyle
Monday271:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RuthDining RoomGames
Monday273:00 p.m.Word ScramblesGround FloorGames
Monday276:30 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames
Tuesday289:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Tuesday2810:15 a.m.Bean Bag BaseballGround FloorGames
Tuesday2810:45 a.m.Name That TuneGround FloorGames
Tuesday282:00 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Tuesday283:00 p.m.Hoop BallGround FloorGames
Wednesday2910:30 a.m.Button CraftsGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday291:30 p.m.Bingo w/ RitaDining RoomGames
Wednesday293:00 p.m.New Resident SocialLobbyLifestyle
Wednesday296:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
Thursday309:30 a.m.Pool TimePoolHealth
Thursday3010:30 a.m.Target TossGround FloorGames
Thursday301:30 p.m.Word ChallengeGround FloorGames
Thursday302:45 p.m.Wii GolfGround FloorGames

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

“I don’t have to cook, clean or wash my clothes. That’s the best!”

Margaret N

“The people are friendly; I love them all!”

Margaret B

“I’m just overjoyed to be here.”

Matt G

“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

Lillie B