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Weekly Bus Trips – Sign up at the front desk to reserve your space and time.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays – Healthcare
Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. – Banks
Tuesday, September 3 (10:15 a.m.) and September 17 (1:15 p.m.) – Publix
Tuesday, September 10 (1:15 p.m.) and September 24 (10:15 a.m.) – Walmart
Friday, September 13 & 27, 9:00 a.m. – Walgreens

Daily Activities for September

Events listed REC = Recurring at the same day and time every week.
Sign up for outings in advance at front desk; limited space available.

SundayREC6:30 p.m.RummyCard LoungeGames
MondayREC9:00 a.m.Water Aerobics w/ CalebPoolHealth
MondayREC10:15 a.m.-11:30 a.m.Personal Training w/ CalebFitness CenterHealth
MondayREC12:45 p.m.Movement & StretchGround FloorHealth
MondayREC6:30 p.m.Games: Residents' ChoiceCard LoungeGames
TuesdayREC1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.Personal Training w/ CalebFitness CenterHealth
TuesdayREC3:00 p.m.Chair Dumbbell Exercise w/ CalebFitness CenterHealth
WednesdayREC9:15 a.m.Boat CruiseDockOutdoors
WednesdayREC1:00 p.m.Tai Chi & Balance Class w/ CalebThird FloorHealth
WednesdayREC2:15 p.m.-3:00 p.m.Personal Training w/ CalebFitness CenterHealth
WednesdayREC6:30 p.m.Hand & Foot Card GameCard LoungeGames
ThursdayREC9:00 a.m.Water Aerobics w/ CalebPoolHealth
ThursdayREC9:30 a.m.Catholic CommunionGround FloorSpiritual
Thursday REC10:15 a.m.-11:30 a.m.Personal Training w/ CalebFitness CenterHealth
ThursdayREC12:45 p.m.Movement and StretchGround FloorHealth
ThursdayREC2:00 p.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
ThursdayREC6:30 p.m.Rummikub & GamesCard LoungeGames
FridayREC9:30 a.m.B.P. & Oxygen w/ Family HHCCard LoungeHealth
FridayREC3:00 p.m.Community BingoDining RoomGames
FridayREC6:30 p.m.Wii BowlingGround FloorGames
SaturdayREC10:00 a.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
SaturdayREC1:00 p.m.5 CrownsCard LoungeGames
SaturdayREC1:30 p.m.Creative ColoringThird FloorLifestyle
Saturday REC6:30 p.m.Euchre Card GameCard LoungeGames
Monday22:00 p.m.Crafting w/ WildaThird FloorLifestyle
Monday23:00 p.m.Karaoke JackLobbyEntertainment
Tuesday310:15 a.m.Bible Study w/ Bob BauerPrivate Dining RoomSpiritual
Tuesday310:30 a.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Tuesday312:00 p.m.Mall Lunch & ShoppingLobbyOuting
Tuesday33:30 p.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
Tuesday36:30 p.m.Skip-Bo & GamesCard LoungeGames
Wednesday410:45 a.m.Activities Planning MeetingThird FloorLifestyle
Wednesday41:30 p.m.Bonworth Trunk ShowLobbyShopping
Wednesday42:45 p.m.Coffee w/ Renee & Menu ChatLobbyLifestyle
Thursday510:30 a.m.Bean Bag BaseballThird FloorGames
Thursday53:00 p.m.New Resident SocialLobbyLifestyle
Thursday53:15 p.m.Entertainment w/ JeffLobbyEntertainment
Friday610:00 a.m.Volunteering at Fla. Children's Home & Lunch at Mission BBQLobbyOuting
Friday610:45 a.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Friday61:45 p.m.SambaCard LoungeGames
Saturday71:00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "The Best of Times"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday73:00 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
Saturday74:15 p.m.RummyCard LoungeGames
Sunday810:30 a.m.Hand & FootCard LoungeGames
Sunday81:00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "Mall Cop"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday82:00 p.m.Church Service w/ Jim & EstherGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday83:00 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames
Monday910:30 a.m.Muddy Hands Pottery ClassThird FloorLifestyle
Monday92:00 p.m.ADA Specialist Jenny Sykes PresentationGround FloorHealth
Monday93:30 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames
Tuesday1010:45 a.m.CornholeThird FloorGames
Tuesday102:45 p.m.RummikubCard LoungeGames
Tuesday103:30 p.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
Tuesday106:30 p.m.Five Crowns Cards & GamesCard LoungeGames
Wednesday1110:30 a.m.Visually Impaired Support GroupGround FloorLifestyle
Wednesday1110:45 a.m.Mini GolfThird FloorGames
Wednesday112:30 p.m.Bean Auction w/ DedicatedGround FloorGames
Thursday129:00 a.m.Podiatrist VisitsBy AppointmentHealth
Thursday1210:30 a.m.Worship Hour w/ Pastor DavidLobbySpiritual
Thursday123:15 p.m.Drink of the Week & Music w/ JasonLobbyEntertainment
Friday1310:00 a.m.UnoCard LoungeGames
Friday1310:45 a.m.Hard Rock Casino & LunchLobbyOuting
Friday131:45 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames
Friday136:15 p.m.Lakeland Community Theater: "9 to 5"LobbyOuting
Saturday1410:30 a.m.Techy Meeting w/ SueCard LoungeLifestyle
Saturday143:00 p.m.Skip-BoCard LoungeGames
Saturday144:15 p.m.Kings in the CornerCard LoungeGames
Sunday1510:30 a.m.Kings in the CornerCard LoungeGames
Sunday151:00 p.m.SambaCard LoungeGames
Sunday151:00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "The Lost & Found Family"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday152:00 p.m.Church Service w/ DoreenGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday153:15 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
Monday1610:00 a.m.Sing-Along w/ Jim, Esther & JohnnieThird FloorSpiritual
Monday162:00 p.m.Crafting w/ WildaThird FloorLifestyle
Tuesday1710:15 a.m.Cooks in the Kitchen: Beans and BiscuitsSocial Kitchen Lifestyle
Tuesday1710:15 a.m.Bible Study w/ Bob BauerPrivate Dining RoomSpiritual
Tuesday172:45 p.m.RummikubCard LoungeGames
Tuesday173:15 p.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
Tuesday177:15 p.m.Third Rail Band ConcertTheatreEntertainment
Wednesday1810:45 a.m.Piano Music w/ KatieLobbyEntertainment
Wednesday182:30 p.m.Veterans Council MeetingThird FloorLifestyle
Wednesday182:45 p.m.Trivia FunThird FloorGames
Thursday1910:30 a.m.Bean Bag BaseballThird FloorGames
Thursday193:00 p.m.Birthday PartyLobbyLifestyle
Thursday193:15 p.m.Entertainment w/ CristiLobbyEntertainment
Friday2010:00 a.m.Kings in the CornerThird FloorGames
Friday2010:00 a.m.Volunteer at Fla. Children's Home & Lunch at Tapatio'sLobbyOuting
Friday201:45 p.m.SambaCard LoungeGames
Saturday211:00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "Top Gun"Ground FloorEntertainment
Saturday213:00 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
Saturday214:15 p.m.RummyCard LoungeGames
Sunday2210:30 a.m.Hand & FootCard LoungeGames
Sunday221:00 p.m.SambaCard LoungeGames
Sunday221:00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "Herbie Fully Loaded"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday222:00 p.m.Church Service w/ Jim & EstherGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday223:00 p.m.Hand & FootCard LoungeGames
Monday2310:30 a.m.Noodle WarsThird FloorGames
Monday232:00 p.m.In-Service w/ Salus: Balance AwarenessThird FloorHealth
Monday232:00 p.m.Trivia FunThird FloorGames
Monday233:30 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames
Tuesday2410:30 a.m.Memory GamesThird FloorGames
Tuesday2411:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.Voter RegistrationLobbyLifestyle
Tuesday241:15 p.m.Wii BowlingThird FloorGames
Tuesday241:30 p.m.Lakeland Public Library & Coffee ShopLobbyOuting
Tuesday246:30 p.m.Skip-Bo & GamesCard LoungeGames
Wednesday2510:30 a.m.Meet & Greet w/ Pinnacle Home CareLobbyHealth
Wednesday2510:45 a.m.Caregivers Support GroupPrivate Dining RoomLifestyle
Wednesday252:15 p.m.Pet Therapy w/ SPCALobbyLifestyle
Wednesday252:30 p.m.Painting Class w/ DebraThird FloorLifestyle
Thursday2610:30 a.m.Worship Hour w/ Pastor DavidLobbySpiritual
Thursday263:15 p.m.'50s Party w/ RalphLobbyEntertainment
Friday2710:00 a.m.UnoCard LoungeGames
Friday2711:15 a.m.Lunch at Highland City DinerLobbyOuting
Friday271:45 p.m.Hand and FootCard LoungeGames
Saturday2810:30 a.m.Techy Meeting w/ SueCard LoungeLifestyle
Saturday281:30 p.m.Red Hatters MeetingGround FloorLifestyle
Saturday283:00 p.m.Skip-BoCard LoungeGames
Saturday284:15 p.m.Kings in the CornerCard LoungeGames
Sunday2910:30 a.m.Hand and FootCard LoungeGames
Sunday291;00 p.m.Movie Matinee: "Hidden Places"Third FloorEntertainment
Sunday292:00 p.m.Church Service w/ RussGround FloorSpiritual
Sunday293:00 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames
Sunday293:15 p.m.BingoDining RoomGames
Monday3010:15 a.m.Find A WordThird FloorGames
Monday302:30 p.m.All About Genealogy w/ JoeGround FloorLifestyle
Monday303:30 p.m.PinochleCard LoungeGames

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

“I don’t have to cook, clean or wash my clothes. That’s the best!”

Margaret N

“The people are friendly; I love them all!”

Margaret B

“I’m just overjoyed to be here.”

Matt G

“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

Lillie B