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The Blessings of Easter

April 3, 2017 | Lake Gibson Village

The holidays — even Easter — can be a stressful time for senior adults

Do you find yourself juggling travel, family and social engagements, house guests, and an endless to-do list for a holiday such as Easter? It’s no wonder so many of us suffer from the “holiday blues”!  While this is true for all age groups, for senior adults, the holidays can be even more stressful. We’ve got five helpful tips to help keep you stress-free this Easter!

1) Let someone else host.

Cooking for a crowd and hosting a big holiday meal and/or party can create anxiety. Ask a younger family member to host. If that’s not possible, or you still want to host the party, ask others to contribute part of the meal — such as an appetizer or dessert —and ask for help in setting up before the meal and cleaning up afterward. Try to do as much prep as possible in the days leading up to the party. Then, in the hour before your guests arrive, sit down, put your feet up, and close your eyes and rest. You’ll feel less harried if you schedule some downtime before the meal or party.

2) Maintain your exercise routine.

Luckily, in most parts of the United States, Easter occurs when the weather is at least improving, if not perfect, for getting outside to get a little exercise and fresh air. Go for a walk. If the weather refuses to cooperate, drive to an indoor shopping mall and walk a few laps while window-shopping. Visiting grandchildren? Why not go for a bike ride with them?

3) Stick to your diet.

This is especially important if you have dietary restrictions such as low sodium. Rich holiday meals make it difficult to follow a particular diet, but if you’re visiting family or friends this Easter, don’t be afraid to communicate any dietary concerns or restrictions you have. Just give your host plenty of time to accommodate your needs. When the appetizers, meal or desserts are served, try to make healthy choices.

4) Stay hydrated.

Drinking water can help you stay healthy any time of the year, but when you’re traveling or busy with hosting a party, it can be difficult. Make sure to drink plenty of water, even when you’re flying or traveling by car. Buy a reusable water bottle and keep it handy.

5) Plan fun activities, but keep them simple.

Do you have young grandchildren? Let them make small Easter baskets with things you supply — candy, crayons, stickers and small toys. Older grandchildren? Let them compete in an egg-and-spoon race and give small-denomination gift certificates to all participants. If you’re hosting or attending an adults-only party, play a trivia game, dust off an old-fashioned board game like Monopoly, or play cards. And for all ages: Put out a shoebox of photos and an empty scrapbook — ask everyone to create a page. When you’re finished eating, pass around the completed scrapbook and share stories about the photos. It can be a wonderful way to relive memories with loved ones.

Remember, the holidays are a great time to connect with people you love. Don’t let stress ruin the fun!

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