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9 Fun Father’s Day Activities

June 1, 2017 | Lake Gibson Village

June is the month of parties for brides, grads — and, of course, dads. Here’s how you can make this Father’s Day a standout celebration!

This year, Father’s Day is June 18. Are you a dad or granddad? If so, we’ve got nine suggestions for making this a fun time to spend with your children or grandchildren — and receive some health benefits as a bonus! 

1) Go Fishing

There’s more to fishing than rods, hooks and worms. Bond with dad at a local fishing hole. A National Angling Survey found that over 38 percent of anglers were introduced to fishing by a parent and 19 percent by another family member. And it can be very good exercise — casting can help tone your arms, and you’ll burn between 250 calories if you’re sitting and 500 calories if you’re standing in waders. 

2) Visit an Amusement Park

If you’ve always loved the energy and excitement of a theme park, why not share it with your family members this Father’s Day? And don’t forget your fitness tracker — a day at any theme park requires that you walk a lot of steps. Wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water and take lots of breaks. 

3) Play Golf

Playing golf regularly can help you stay fit, improve muscle tone and endurance, lose weight and body fat, and reduce stress and improve your mood. Kids or grandkids don’t play? Hire an instructor for a series of golf lessons — it might even help you pick up tips from a pro and improve your game. 

4) Go to a Baseball Game

Who doesn’t enjoy being able to sit back and sip a glass of lemonade or beer, while watching one of America’s favorite pastimes being played? Many stadiums offer Father’s Day deals; check if your local major or minor league team is offering discounted tickets. 

5) Map Out a Scenic Car Trip

June is a great month to get away on a scenic road trip — either a day trip or a weekend getaway. It’s easy to research local road trips that are popular. Feeling really ambitious? Make Father’s Day the first day of an extended road trip. Some examples: the Seward Highway in Alaska, the Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to North Carolina, historic Route 66, California’s Pacific Coast Highway. These types of journeys can be a life-changing experience. 

6) Go to a Car Show

Are you a classic or muscle car nut? Share your love of automobiles — whatever kind revs your engine — with your loved ones. Contact a local car club to find a nearby show. 

7) Take a Walk

It’s important to stay active, fit and mobile as we age, but it’s always nice to have company. Get out and enjoy nature – in the park, on a hiking trail, or through the neighborhood. If you’ve got young kids along, try to find an interesting place to stop — such as a playground, pond with ducks or ice cream shop. It ups the fun factor! 

8) Play Cards, Bingo or a Board Game Together

At any age, playing games is healthy for the mind and body. They can keep the brain active, connect you socially with family and friends, and are an inexpensive form of entertainment. On a more-serious note, studies have shown that playing games may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

9) Watch an Old Favorite Movie

Watching a movie that was popular when you were younger is a great way to reminisce about what life was like for you and to share those memories with your loved ones. But if they don’t seem interested in an old movie, choose a new release they’re sure to enjoy.

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