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Lake Gibson Village is Pleased to Introduce The Generational Bridge Club!

March 30, 2018 | Lake Gibson Village

"We’re Bridging The Generational Gap Between Young Adults & Seniors"

The days of family members living in close proximity are long gone. It is more common today to find extended family members living miles away from each other. Unfortunately, this leaves the youth and young adults without the advantage of bonding and benefiting from the experiences and wisdom of their older family members – primarily the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Recognizing this need and wanting to do something about it, prompted Lake Gibson Village to form a new social club designed to strengthen the socialization between the generations.

We believe young adults will be surprised and amazed by the wealth of knowledge that exists among their seniors. We know that seniors have much to offer through shared personal stories and life experiences. We recognize young adults have much to offer seniors as well. As the two generations come together to share and enjoy each other’s company, we envision a bridge forming to close the gap between the past and the present.

Those who choose to participate in our program will interact introductory meet and greet event where the young adults and seniors will interact through conversation and ice breaker games. We are confident that this experience will positively impact everyone involved as well as forge meaningful relationships that could last a lifetime.

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

“I don’t have to cook, clean or wash my clothes. That’s the best!”

Margaret N

“The people are friendly; I love them all!”

Margaret B

“I’m just overjoyed to be here.”

Matt G

“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

Lillie B