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The Jig Does More Than Jostle Your Joints!

April 20, 2018 | Lake Gibson Village

Lake Gibson Village residents had a wonderful time showing off their stepping skills at our Dance To The Music Meet & Greet that took place Sunday, April 8th. Just Dance! Lakeland came out and showed us all how to salsa, two-step, tango, fox trot, hustle and ballroom dance to the beat of some lively music that got plenty of residents up and moving.

We had so much fun that some who had not danced in years, boogied across the floor to everyone’s (including their own) amazement! Several brave residents (and even staff members) were so inspired, they ‘stepped up’ to register for Lake Gibson Village’s new onsite weekly dance classes, hosted by Just Dance! Lakeland, scheduled to begin in May.

We all know that dancing is a fun way to socialize and move to the music, but it was a wonderful plus to discover that it is also a great way to boost your heart, stimulate your mind and rejuvenate your joints. Who knew that the jig does more than jostle your joints!

According to the New England Journal Of Medicine, dancing can help to ward off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Dancing can also help to increase cognitive acuity and decrease arthritis pain, relieve joint stiffness and even help you walk faster. Ballroom dancing, specifically, can boost your balance, broaden your brain and build your body strength by as much as 50%! Aside from all the physical health benefits, it’s exciting to find that dancing does marvels for the mind.

So, dance to the music and let the groove do wonders for your body from your head down to your toes!

“With all the trees and the lake, it’s like living in the country.”

Lillie B

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Margaret N

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Margaret B

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“You have to come and visit us, because it is beautiful.”

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