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Practical Mother’s Day Gifts for Senior Moms

May 1, 2019 | Lake Gibson Village

Studies show senior mothers would rather spend time with loved ones than receive gifts.

Finding the perfect gift to thank our mothers for the sacrifices they made to raise us is always top-of-mind at this time of year, with Mother’s Day approaching.

The good news is, very few want material gifts.

Most senior moms (55 percent) say that they want to spend quality time with their children and families. If your mother is in a senior living community like Lake Gibson Village, we encourage you to come spend the day with Mom. Taking Mom to her favorite restaurant or to a relative’s house is also a lovely idea, as long as it’s practical to do so.

And if other children or grandchildren can’t make it, be sure to call or use a video calling app like Skype or Facetime to make it the next best thing to being there in person.

Flowers and food are also great gifts. Instead of traditional flowers that may only last a week, consider a potted plant or something that can be placed in a garden or windowsill so it’s able to be enjoyed for several months. You also can’t go wrong with staples like chocolate (if her diet and health allow) and nuts. If Mom lives alone in a house, a subscription to a food-delivery service is a perfect gift, so she can receive healthy meals delivered right to her door.

Also, think about experiences. If Mom likes to go out onto the water, look into lunch and dinner cruises – several are available all across Florida. The weather is great at this time of year, so a trip to the park or a local farmers’ market is also a nice way to spend the day. And if your mother likes to be pampered, it’s tough to go wrong with a day at the spa or beauty salon.

So, when it comes to Mother’s Day and pleasing Mom, think experiences rather than things. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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