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Five Ways to Boost Your Immune System

March 24, 2020 | Lake Gibson Village

A strong immune system is vital, not only during this unique time in history due to the threat of coronavirus, but all the time. Even after this crisis passes, there will always be viruses out there that a healthy immune system has a better chance of fighting off.

Here are five ways to supercharge your immune system.


You may need to carry some gum or use mouthwash a bit more often, but garlic is a proven immune booster. Heat, however, takes away some of those benefits, so add it just before serving if you’re cooking with it, or it can be added cold to a salad dressing.


Our bodies do not function properly if they cannot be adequately recharged in the form of a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation not only hurts your immune system, but it makes the body take longer to recover from viruses once you catch one.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise (even if it’s just a low-intensity activity like walking for 30 minutes) allows white blood cells to circulate more rapidly in the body. This gives your immune system a better chance of detecting and fighting bugs quickly. Another benefit of regular exercise is that it helps your sleep better.

Soak Up the Sun

The sun’s rays not only provide a natural source of vitamin D, but this study found that exposure to sunlight energizes T-cells in the body that help our immune system.

Limit Alcohol

A glass or two is okay, but heavy drinking (especially over time) will do a number on your immune system and even leave you prone to lung infections.

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