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5 Gift Ideas for This Unique Mother’s Day

April 23, 2020 | Lake Gibson Village

For most of us used to spending time with Mom or the kids on Mother’s Day, both mothers and children are going to go through an adjustment for the 2020 version of this popular holiday.

Thanks to social distancing measures that are expected to remain in place in much of the country, being able to spend the day together may not be possible as is usually the case.

There are still ways, however, that we can honor mom despite having to spend time apart due to coronavirus precautions. Start with thinking of what she enjoys most about Mother’s Day. Is it some quiet time to be pampered? A restful day at home with the family? A nice brunch at a local restaurant? Use that as your starting point as you work on your 2020 Mother’s Day plan.

Here are some ideas to make this a memorable day for Mom despite the obstacles.

  1. Packaged Gift Boxes

A prepackaged gift box is nearly always appreciated because the presentation is top-notch. Take, for example, this gift box – candle, chocolate, lip balm, and a personalized message; it checks all the boxes!

  1. Massage Therapy Devices

You might not be able to send Mom to the spa this year, so some at-home therapy devices can be the next best thing!

  1. Belt Bag

Your mom is more likely to be taking walks than shopping trips these days, so make those walks easier to manage by getting mom a belt bag to hold hand sanitizer, tissues, sunscreen, etc.

  1. Reading Devices

If your mother is like the rest of us, we’re blowing through books at a record pace. Get her a Kindle or another reading device so when she’s done with one book, she can download the next one and get to reading without having to wait for a hard copy to be delivered.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are nothing new, but this one comes with an app where the photos can be uploaded and changed remotely, this way Mom can keep up with everything happening with the kids and grandkids even if you may not be able to spend time with her.

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