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Memory Care Unit Coming Soon to Lake Gibson Village

April 8, 2021 | Lake Gibson Village

Dedicated, Secure Neighborhood Coming in Summer 2021

Lake Gibson Village is pleased to announce that construction is underway for a dedicated Memory Care neighborhood that will be opening to better serve residents and the Lakeland community in Summer 2021.

A memory care unit is a secure area for staff to better be able to care for residents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other severe forms of dementia. The staff in this unit is specifically trained to keep residents engaged, safe, and otherwise healthy.

Much like our assisted living residents, those living in the memory care unit will receive assistance with activities of daily living, but there will be more structure and support to help them navigate their day. Assisted living residents receive help when they need it, but they do choose what they want to do during the day, eat when they choose, etc. Staff in the memory care unit will help residents plan out their day so they are going from activity to activity and also make sure that no meals are missed.

Another key feature of a memory care unit is security. Because memory care residents are more likely to wander, there are secure courtyards outside, so residents cannot get lost. There are also alarms and extra monitoring on doors that lead out into an unsecure area.

At Lake Gibson Village, we are converting one wing of the ground floor of our historic building to serve our memory care residents. Construction is expected to last three-four months with a grand opening planned for this summer.

At the same time, we are creating enhancements to our main entrance. A porte cochère is being constructed so that residents can walk to our bus or a friend or relative’s vehicle in comfort. This addition will provide protection from the elements (namely the heat and rain) as residents enter and leave the building. This addition, which will complement the unique architecture of our facility, will also be completed this summer.

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