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Memory Impairment: Spiritual Activities

February 22, 2022 | Laura Tenpenny

Like you, your loved one with memory impairment may have spiritual needs. If so, you can help the person stay part of their faith community. This can help your loved one feel connected to others and remember pleasant times.

Here are some tips for helping a person with memory impairment who has spiritual needs: 

  • Involve your loved one in spiritual activities they know well. These might include worship, religious or other readings, sacred music, prayer, and holiday rituals.
  • Tell people in your faith community that your loved one has memory impairment. Encourage them to talk with your loved one and show them they still care.
  • Play religious or other music that is important to the person. It may bring back old memories. Even if the person with memory impairment has a problem finding the right words to speak, they may be able to sing songs or hymns from the past.

If you have questions, we have resources to help. Call us at Lake Gibson Village/863-815-6105 or visit us anytime at LakeGibsonVillage.com.  We are here for you when you need us.

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