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American Patriot Services Benefits Seminar

Event Date:
Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Lake Gibson Village | 771 Carpenters Way Lakeland, FL 33809

A non-profit charitable organization assisting
veterans and their surviving spouses get a
benefit that they are not aware of.

Most everyone qualifies, Veterans and their Spouses.

• Veteran must of served at least 90 days of
active duty.
• Veteran must at least have served 1 day
during a war time period.
• Veteran or spouse at least age 65 and
older and in need of some assistance.

MUST if all possible bring a trusted family member (son
or daughter) to attend and assist in the paperwork
process. The son or daughter will be the key in mom or
dad qualifying for this benefit. Our success in this
process is very high.
Please visit our web site at: WWW.APSCNP.ORG
Registered with the Better Business Bureau

Call (863) 858-1202 to RSVP

Monthly Benefit Amounts:
Veteran $1794
Surviving Spouse $1153
Veteran & Spouse $2127

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