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Donna Rose

I grew up playing on the grounds of the home back in the back. As kids, we would come in through the woods in the back and play hide and seek there. I also rode the bus every day with some of the elderly gentlemen who resided there. They would board the bus in the […]

Richard Fifer

The Carpenters’ Home plays a special role in my family’s history. In December 1926, my father and his parents moved to Lakeland from Galesburg, Illinois. My grandfather, Jacob B. Fifer, was a carpenter and had been hired by Fred T. Ley & Company to work on the construction of the Carpenters’ Home. Work on the […]


I believe it was about 50 years ago, when I moved to Lakeland with my family from Ottawa, Illinois. I can recall my brother Mike and his friend Steve going to the golf course to find lost golf balls. They would clean them and sell them back to the golfers. I believe Steve worked in […]

Karen Astin

My husband and I went to Carpenters Home Church for over 20 years, raised our children in Evangel. There are so many wonderful memories! Our 2 oldest children went to Masters Commission and lived in this building. All our family has lasting loving memories here. It is looking so beautiful and we are so happy […]

Lynda Harley

The Carpenter’s Home is a special place to me.  My dad worked there when it was a home for the retired men (1960’s). He was the bookkeeper. Dad was in charge of the entertainment on Wednesday nights. He would choose a movie to play for the men. Our entire family would attend. During Christmas we […]

Charles Bleam

I grew up at Carpenters Home Golf Course from 1978 to 1986. I would get dropped off in the morning and picked up at dusk. My first taste of golf was from Lee Pearson’s clinics offered in the summer. I can remember many days standing out on No. 18 green, watching storms roll up. I […]


I grew up in the 1970’s on Lake Gibson, I can’t remember how old I was, but a babysitter took me to the tower. We climbed up winding stairs and looked at stuffed birds. I never heard of this so I wonder if my memories are correct. I remember exploring the graveyard off Kennellwood Dr. […]